Retirement & Life Events

Retirement & Life Events

At KnowledgebankIQ, we understand that everyone’s needs and goals are different.

Retirement itself has changed. These days, many people are choosing to make a more gradual transition from the world of work to the world of retirement. KnowledgebankIQ advisers support clients through their changing life stages

Our Advisers

Our experienced Partners stand out as the preferred choice when it comes to selecting an Adviser. As one of only four financial advice practices across all Australia to be recognised and rewarded with the ISO9001 International Quality Accreditation standard (the five ticks of quality), KnowledgebankIQ advisers have a commitment to high quality, client focused advice recognised by consecutive awards for providing leading advice and assisting you through whatever life stage you are at.

Vikas talks about an SMSF Investment Strategy Cover

"It's got to look at the question of long-term return."

Vikas Modgil, Sydney

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