Partner & Senior Adviser

Vikas Modgil

Partner & Senior Adviser

Vikas, youngest of three boys, was born and raised in the lap of the Himalayan ranges in India in a small rural farming community. At 19 years of age he migrated to New Zealand for his love of Rugby Union.

Vikas enjoys outdoors, spending time with family & friends and motor-bike rides whenever he can.

He has been providing financial advice for the past 10 years for Mums and Dads and the corporate sector.

Vikas believes Financial Planning is a dynamic process & as a client’s wealth grows and their circumstances change, so does the need for effective management of these changing needs.

Vikas believes that every client’s values, needs, hopes and dreams are unique & dynamic. He believes it is crucial that clients are able to safe guard their wealth and on-going prosperity of their family.

To ensure his clients receive the best possible advice that supports them and their family in achieving what is of paramount importance to them, he firmly believes in getting a clear understanding of what these things are.

Vikas’ personal goal is to empower and influence people to make better financial choices for themselves and their families.

Personal Life

  • Lives in North Shore, Sydney
  • Born in the lap of the Himalayas
  • Moved to New Zealand when 19
  • Lived in Melbourne & Sydney
  • Loves travelling, sport, camping and dogs


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