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Do you want to be better prepared for retirement? Do you have questions about the aged pension or your super? Are you looking for reassurance and advice you can trust?

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Benefits for You

Seminars provide relevant and up to date information on

  • Investment structure to maximise wealth

  • Understanding how to build wealth

  • Positioning your investments before and after retirement

  • The investments and assets to own in your investment and superannuation portfolios

  • Transitioning to Retirement

  • When and how to start an Account Based Pension (Allocated Pensions)

  • Tips and traps to owning investments

  • How to select an investment adviser/financial planner who adds value to your portfolio

  • Tips and traps to fees and charges 

What to Expect

  • Seminars are held regularly in the metropolitan areas and generally run for 1.5 hours with enough time available to ask questions

  • You will also have the opportunity to ask questions of our Senior Partners and seminar presenters at the conclusion of the seminar.


  • Sydney
    Suite 1709, Level 17, 264 George Street Sydney, NSW 2000